A Cat’s Christmas

I have always wondered who I was going to be when I “grew up”.  Hopefully I am not considered grown up at the ripe age of 25.5.

If this Christmas is any sign of what I will be like as a grown up, I might be slightly worried.  I might be destined to be a crazy cat lady.

Although I made my Christmas list, and I even checked it twice…this Christmas had an underlying theme.

Are there ears on your head?

1. Cat Hat. My parents told me I looked like an evil black cat.  I wore the beanie to work, and one woman asked, “are there those ears on your head?”  I replied yes.  She responded, “what an excellent idea for my 5 year old niece!”

2. Leopard. My sister got me some sweet subtle leopard print gold sheet earrings.  They are like wings, that evoke a feline spirit.  I just noticed that looking at the picture.

3.  A “Cat’s Meow” Travel mug.

Add this to the bike racing race prep....

With these gifts, I might turn into a crazy cat lady.

However, to top off the Christmas, I did get shoes.  4 pairs.  A girl cannot have too many shoes.  Boots?  Check.  Heels?  Check.  Fuzzy flip flops?  Check.  Sneakers? Check. Non fuzzy flip flops? Check.  I now will be able to travel around the world with confidence knowing that I have the right shoe for every occasion.

What does this have to do with bike racing?  Not much.  But at least I live a happy, balanced life.  I was able to ride with my sister and dad while I was home.  Not many people can do that.  This Christmas was indeed one of the best with my family.  I am so blessed to have such a close family.

Who knows who I will be when I grow up, but with the love and support of those around me, I am not worried.  God always has a plan.


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