Almost Game On.

Tomorrow the race begins.  The Tour of New Zealand.  100 riders.  Lots of countries.  One tour. 

The US National Team Roster:

  • Alison Starnes
  • Shelley Olds Evans
  • Amber Neben
  • Janel Holcomb
  • Jessica Phillips

We are under the courageous direction of Manel Lacambra, who is a legend in the sport.  He directed Cervelo Lifeforce, and has had countless successes directing the best teams in the world.  The USA Women’s National Team is very fortunate to be under his direction this year.  The energetic Spaniard is known for his infectious laugh, high energy, and cut throat tactics.  I can’t wait to race for him!

6 stages. 5 days. 

Keep checking for the updates.

It’s almost Game On.

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