And so it begins.

Hello 2010.  Let’s start racing our bicycles.

Cherry Pie Criterium.  In the heart of the Wine Country.  Napa, California.  Well, maybe not the heart of the wine country.  It was the heart of an industrial park in the foothills of Napa.  Nice. I will romanticize what I can.  I love it.

This is one of my favorite races of the year.  Maybe it is because I have a sweet tooth and happen to love freshly baked goods (especially cherry pies), but it is also because I love the atmosphere and energy involved.  I love this EVENT.  The Eagle Racing Team does a GREAT job putting this on.  Job well done!

45 minutes of fun.  4 Team TIBCO attendees.  Myself. BLWM. Devon. MegG.  Amongst the 4 of us, we has already accumulated 4 cherry pies over the last 3 years.  This year our mission was simple.  Bring home the cherry pie.  We wouldn’t mind some wine either.

The attacks were launched.  The chases were ensued.  It was a hard, fast, fun bike race.  Each time up the hill, the legs were getting shredded.  Intensity this early in the year is always going to hurt.  I like hurting, I am not going to lie.  The pain is a good thing.  I will get stronger because of it.  I started the lead out about 2 laps to go.  Started ramping up the pace, like your foot on an accelerator.  Steadily putting pressure down on the pedal and steadily stringing out the peloton.  Nothing was going to swarm my sprinter, BLWM.  MegG was on my wheel, BLWM on hers.  I was getting the “steady, steady” commands, and then with 1 lap to go, I was finally unleashed to “light it up”.  This is my favorite part.  Time to put out some power and drop BLWM neatly off at the line.  To the bottom of the hill, Meg jumped, BLWM jumped and won the bike race.  Nice.  I love my sprinter.

Mission accomplished.  Cherry pie won.  Teamwork not perfect, but a good start to 2010.

Thank you Cherry Pie Criterium.  You were one of my first bike races EVER in 2008, and I am proud to return again.

Skinsuits make everyone fast. Photo by: Bob Cullinan

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