Are We There Yet?

And the adventure continues.

Getting trapped in a car for the second consecutive day is always a little rough. The radio stations are limited in France. We find ourselves listening primarily to a techno mix, or French dubbed pop songs. With AStacher in the car, things will always be entertaining…

You end up learning quite a bit about people when you remain cooped up with them in a limited space. Who knew how many mosquito bites Stacher really had, until given the opportunity to count them. First loves? Boyfriends? Nah, how about the guy that breaks up with you via Facebook. What are we going to do when we get out of this car? A “natural break” was called on some country road in the middle of France. Getting ready for the peloton of La Route. The next road trip is already being planned even though we aren’t completed with this one. How tight are the US skinsuits. Lance approved, for sure. Now, all we need to do is find the right shoes to wear with those outfits. Good thing Evie fits in because she looks Italian. Except for the letters USA emblazed across her chest and her shorts. Looks Italian, eh Americano? We discover that yogurt left in the car all day is probably still edible, although you should probably add salt and water. Nutella sandwiches can last forever, and can serve a variety of purposes. Hard boiled eggs may last two days.

Are we there yet?

Reasons why I like France:

1) They love Lady Gaga on the radio station almost as much as I do. They don’t even create their own pop music, they just take everyone else’s, and pick 3 songs they like, and play them over…and over…and over again. There is something about keeping it consistent that I like.

2) Chocolate is acceptable for breakfast. Take a normal breakfast entrée, spread chocolate on it, soak it in chocolate, color it chocolate, and suddenly you have a square meal.

3) Something is considered “updated” if it has been renovated since the 1800’s. In the US, this is a historic landmark, yet in France it is “new and improved”.

4) You always have time to stop your road trip, and loiter at the rest areas. Loitering can include a variety of activities including eating a baguette, eating chocolate, eating cheese, drinking espresso, smoking (although not recommended), and indulging in whatever other leisurely activity you can imagine. There is no worry about time, where you need to go, or a schedule.

5) The French don’t put a whole lot of detail into their course profiles. They peruse the land, and draw some squiggly lines…it goes up here slightly, then you go down, left right…ay…like this…like that. Voila. That’s the course. I guess details don’t matter. Bike racing isn’t rocket science. First person across the line wins. It doesn’t matter how you got there.

No really. Are we there yet? La Route de France starts tomorrow!



PS. I posted this from E.Lectric, a gas stop on the autoroute.  No really, are we there yet?  We are almost there, or so I hear.

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