Back to Marin, the second best place.

I made it back to Larkspur, California.  What an eventful trip to Europe.  I feel like it was such a great experience.  Not only did I learn, but I gained confidence and felt what it was like to race your bike hard.  Those girls in Europe know how to do it.

I arrived back in Larkspur on Tuesday and it is beautiful here.  A beautiful bike commute in to work…then a great cruise around Tiburon today.  What an unbelievable place to live.  I am fortunate to be back home.  It ain’t Limoux, there are cars here!  What!?  Haha.

A beautiful ride to the Sea…

I taught my eCycling class yesterday at Endurance PTC.  I was so happy to come back to my class.  It was like coming back to my family.  What a great, supportive, group of people.  I love them.  Absolutely.  And then I looked at the script for the day for our 90 minute class.  Ouch. 45 minutes in Middle Zone 3 to High Zone 4?  I asked them if they were okay with it, and they were.  Unbelievable.  I was so proud of them.  Here I was, coming back from a great racing campaign in Europe, and my class was tougher then ever.  I am not going to lie.  I woke up completely sore and thrashed from our class yesterday.  These guys are strong.  Five weeks off of eCycling and I am toasted. 

I woke up this morning at 4am ready to roll.  Who said I wasn’t jet-lagged?  I was ancy, and decided I would go take Charlie Livermore’s eCycling class in Mill Valley…since I was up already, why not?  Ouch.  I hobbled into Endurance, and it was official.  Jet lag had set in.  My throat was sore from yelling in class, and the workout had hit me.  Charlie had me take it easy. 

I had a great breakfast meeting with Charlie to go over our next 3 year plan of attack.  What a great coach!  I am getting ready to start some hard work.  This week will be a nice little recovery, both mentally and physically.  Then, I will work on my commitment.  Riding my bike is the easy part.  It will be doing the things that I don’t like that will make this hard–like stretching and core and massage and…. Charlie said, the “true commitment is going to take doing the things you don’t like”.  I am ready.  Maybe.

Check out some shots from the France trip that were not able to get uploaded…

Here is my podium at my last race…1st Beatrice, 2nd Starnes, 3rd Haskell

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