Back to Reality…

Driving back along Highway 101 North from Santa Barbara County back to Marin County, I realized just how much I love California.  Born and raised in this state, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  What strikes me is the diversity of this state, and bike racing has really allowed me to realize the true beauty of each area of California.  We can drive 5 hours south west into the Central Valley, and be flooded with almond trees blooming and rolling hills containing the riches of the earth.  Yet with a 5 hour drive due south, you migrate alongside the ocean and the jagged hillsides marking their inland territory.  To be able to experience the unique topography on a bike puts this land into perspective.  It just takes me a few short miles on the bike to realize that this life is pretty darn good.


There are many places that I wouldn’t mind living, but this recent trip to the Central Coast reminded me of how much I love this area.  I could live there in a heartbeat. 


Team camp completed today and it was such an amazing experience.  I couldn’t be happier where I am at, but it is bittersweet to drive back up the coast.  The team is headed off to race Redlands and I am making the trek back to reality, and back to work.  The life of a professional cyclist is nothing to complain about, until you have to head back to the real world.

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