Back to Sea Level

Lake Tahoe is beautiful, eh?  It was Kiwi and Z’s first time to see Lake Tahoe.  Although I couldn’t convince them to ride completely around the lake, at least they got to ride alongside some of it.  That lake continues to amaze me with its pure, aqua color.  I love it.

Bob Cullinan, of CycleTo, has posted a video of me after the TdN race.  Check it out!   He is a great guy, with a great site!  (not that I want to think about this race anymore…my SRM died before the race started, so technically I have no record of ever doing it…)  He also has some awesome shots of the races…

Back to sea level, and I am loving the plentiful oxygen.  At least I am getting some satisfaction in my breaths.  The minute I got home, I noticed the sea breeze, and although I loved the alpine air, the slightly salty tinge of the Bay Area air offered a welcoming taste of pure oxygen. 

I did return to sea level with a bit of a bittersweet ending of something that I loved, and the excitement for hopefully the continuation of something special.  As of July 1st, EPTC SF is closing its doors.  I have loved working here full time for over 2 years.  It is a very unique place with amazing clientele and a good product.  I am still hopeful that something will occur to help this location.  On the brighter side, EPTC MV is remaining open.  EPTC has played such a unique role in my development as a cyclist, and I owe so much to not only the staff there, but also my 4pm class.  These guys have been with me for 2 years, and I know I won’t lose them, but I look forward to my time with them.  They each have providing me with advice and support through all my racing and other life escapades.  These friendships are truly irreplaceable.   I am sad, but I know this isn’t the end, just merely the beginning of a new adventure.  More to come on this.

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