Be Who You Are

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Seuss.

It is easy to lose who you are sometimes amongst the shuffle and chaos of life.  The street nose and rushing wind often numb the senses and the awareness.  Sometimes you need to stop.  Just stop.  Reacquaint yourself with your surroundings.  Breathe.  Find your grounding.  And just be.  Be who you are.  And be.

San Dimas.  Redlands. Europe. Gila.  Before I know it, it will be Cinco de Mayo.  The next block has started. and I have began the whirlwind of duffel bags, aero helmets, tupperware lunches, wire ties, electrical tape and the growing to-do list and disappearing time.  Who knows what timezone I will be in, what race I will be doing, where I will be staying, or when I will have that moment.  But I will take that moment.  That moment to stop.  To be.  To listen.  To breathe.

Why not take it now?  Just stop.

When you stop for that moment, you start feeling gravity once again.  Aside from broken pelvises, you appreciate gravity.  It keeps you centered.  It keeps your present.  It keeps you, you.  If you can be you, recognize you, then you will say what you feel.  You can trust your intuition.  You can speak freely.  You can express your dreams.  You can share you love.  When this happens, as Dr. Seuss says, those that mind won’t matter, and those that matter won’t mind. Those that love you will accept you for who you are.  Take confidence in that.

It sounds like a leap of faith to me, but it that is life.  Life could be a gamble, or as I am learning it can be a game of calculated risk.  I have faith in the future, even if I can’t grasp tomorrow.  There is a plan.

Just remember to stop every now and then.  Breathe. Be. Listen. Be who you are.


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