Big Plans. Big Dreams.

We all have big plans, and some of us may have big dreams as well.  And every once in awhile, dreams become a reality. 

When is that deciding moment? 

When does a dream that has been floating in your peripheral vision finally come into a grasping reach? 

How many minor decisions do you make, small sacrifices, and commitment along the way to solidify your dreams into a black and white reality?

I don’t know.  I have big plans.  I have big dreams.  And one by one, I am taking small steps into making these dreams a reality.  Big news.  Exciting times.  Want to join the journey?

Never lose sight of your dreams.  Set yourself small goals along the way to accomplish and use as milestones.

Speaking of big plans and big dreams.  Check out THIS VeloNews article about Team TIBCO’s European and Domestic adventures!

Plan Big, but dont’ forget to Dream Big too.

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