Billie Jean King

A good friend of mine recently came to Sacramento to watch the Sacramento Grand Prix (the women’s criterium that finished on the men’s finishing circuit of the ToC).

Gail and I have discussed the changes in women’s sports as we have trained and had locker room chatter over the last couple of years at Endurance PTC, and Velo SF.  However, I failed to grasp her perspective in its entirety until she shared this blog with me. I really appreciated reading what she saw on Sunday and how it touched her.

How cool is it that we, as women, can compete and excel in sports?  I know we aren’t there yet, but it is refreshing to be reminded that we have come a long way.

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your thoughts!

Check out the blog HERE.

Lilah cheered us on the whole race!

This is my new fan, Lilah.  I became her favorite, but not because of any skill or talent, I think it was just my hot pink glasses!

Photo by Jeff Namba

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