Business Tripping.

A business trip for some may mean a fashionable Versace outfit with Christian Louboutin pumps, but for me it means a track suit, a helmet strapped to a Crumpler bag and other sponsor correct attire.

Welcome to my business trip.

While traveling as a cyclist I have to notice how different we look traipsing through the airport than your average commuter.  Although we have experience in traveling, and we do it in comfort and ease, I can’t necessarily say we are doing it in style.  Or, maybe I should be speaking for myself.

I have to admit that I watch those heading to meetings and conferences dressed nicely and fashionably with a trace amount of envy.  I mean, they are entering their day with no expectation of sweating or building a bike upon arrival.  They probably aren’t thinking about hydrating and eating consistently.  They are poised, pretty, and ready to travel.  Me?  I am comfortable, looking to stay hydrating and the blood circulation going.  Stretching in the aisles? Maybe.

Going on a business trip takes a whole new meaning when you are on your way to a 5 day stage race in the heart of New Mexico.

Travel necessities:

1)      2XU Compression Tights/Sock (Although I have worn these with a jean skirt over and Uggs, I think they more “fashionable” approach is to cover these practical attire with a pair of pants.)  I then put the socks over the tights.  That may be a bit much.  Try wearing the compression gear after eating a lot.  It may make you reconsider digging into that bread plate again…

2)      2XU Casual Wear, including the Team issued polo.  Yes, I am wearing a polo.

3)      Water. Water. Water. Hydrate. Hydrate.

4)      Travel mug. (Peets Coffee and Tea of course…) You never want to be stuck anywhere without an appropriate sized container for caffeine consumption.

5)      Computer (Is there life without one?)

6)      Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, your personal pacifier of choice.

7)      SRM (one for the road bike, one for the TT bike…) Headunits, cords, magnets.

8)      Shoes (what if they didn’t make it, should probably carry those on, just in case…)

9)      Rudy sunglasses, both casual and racing.  Casual are cute. Racing are fast.

10)   Food. Fruit. Snack. You never know when you will be able to get food!  Must plan accordingly.

11)   Earplugs.  Shuts out the teammate’s snoring at the host housing, and the chattering business man sitting next to you as you are wedged in the middle on a full flight.  If you can’t hear them…are they really there?

12)   Heart Rate Monitor Strap.  I don’t know why, but I bring it with me on the plane.  I am weird.

13)   To do list. Thank you notes, all those “busy” work items that you may have time for on the road.  Don’t forget the stamps.

14)   Books and magazines.

15)   iPod, headphones.  Even if you don’t need your favorite tunes, it makes you appear busy.

16)  Neck pillow.  I will admit I brought one on this trip, and I have yet to use it.

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