Chemistry.  It may not even be as complex as biochemistry.  It is just plain chemistry.  Do we work together, or not?

I have spent the last 2.5 weeks with my team, and I am coming off of the high of being around such incredibly supportive, strong women.  I am back to reality.  I am actually feeling a little lonely without my team around me.  I am even looking for drafts while walking down the street.

I am trying to digest the career monuments I have just reached.  7 months after a broken pelvis. First domestic race with my new team. First time trial of the year. First time riding my fast B2Pro Felt TT bike.  First professional stage race overall win. I didn’t win.  My team won.  I was a piece of a plan that completed our goal.  Win the Merco Cycling Classic.  To me it is simple.  It is a chemistry equation.  It is stoichiometry.  It balances itself out.  There isn’t too much of a reaction, and not enough product.  All the catalysts are available, in excess even.  It is a smooth process.  It is the best team.  Ever.

If you don’t know, I recently won the yellow jersey at the Merco Cycling Classic, in Merced, California.  4 stages.  Amazing teamwork, and one fast time trial.  I could ramble on and on how Giana, our director, gave us the flawless race tactics that secured the win.  I could divulge you in the details of my sacrificial team, and their hard work to protect the jersey.  I could share with you the laughter, the tears, and the raw rainy day grit that sanded out our win.  Yet, to me now, it is quite simple.  It was a cominbination of elements.  It was rain.  It was speed.  It was teamwork.  It was hills.  It was Merco, and it became a yellow jersey along with a very heavy rock trophy.  If you are science minded like I am, you will appreciate the following equation.  If you are not, I will attach pictures for your reference.  This weekend was a very special time for me, and I am thrilled for 2011 with this team.

4(Plans) + 1(Team)xY(Riders)

12miles/speed + FeltB2Pro

Aerodynamics + speed

Perfect Team.

Cheesy, I know.  But I am happy with the start to the season.  A cohesive team with great chemistry, and we are ready for the year!

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