Christmas and Legos in February

Is it really the beginning of 2012?  Team Twenty12?  Oh why, yes it is.  It is actually February.  Wow.

Team Exergy Team TWENTY12 has occupied Palm Springs for 10 days.  Beware sunny, clear skies of gorgeous Southern California desert, you have been officially occupied.  Occupied by some fast women on some fast bikes.

What do we do at team camp?  We fly in.  From all over the world.  Bali.   Italy.  Australia.  Qatar.  Colorado.  Indiana.  Virginia.  Canada.  Switzerland.  England.  Mill Valley.  We meet.  We get Christmas in February.  There is luggage and bags and bikes and SRMs and wheels and watches and surprises all labeled for the riders.  We giggle as we run to our name and open up all the new exciting equipment for this upcoming year.  Why yes, it is Christmas in February.  Merry Christmas to us.

Bag explosion of goodies (of course it is NOT mine)

I traveled to Palm Springs with nothing but an empty bag and some basics.  I will return home with loads of luggage and a bike.  Welcome to 2012.

After the Christmas extravaganza quieted down, and we were all outfitted out in the newest apparel and shoes, Steve Blick from Oakley came to join us on a ride and guided us through playing Legos with our eyewear.  Oh yes.  Pick the colors and start building.  I designed several custom glasses that I will be wearing for the season, and I could not more excited!  It was connecting bold colors, in the way you wanted, just like building a Lego creation. Oakleys are amazing.

Legos with my Oakleys

My glasses turned into a party.  A party for my face.  And everyone knows that brightly hues colors are fast.  I think that has been scientifically tested.  Colors are fast.  It is proven.

The next day was filled with even more riding and continuing to build as a team.  Team bonding over food, Legos, and Christmas.  What’s next?

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