Counting Lentils.

My great friend Mike Halper made an interesting observation yesterday.  There are two types of athletes.  Those who count their lentils, and those who don’t.  Some athletes become so obsessed with all the details surrounding performance, that they forget the fun of it all.  Sport is fun, and it should be.  Even though I plan on taking this sport to a very high level, I do intend to enjoy the fun as well.  I may have to do some lentil counting at one point, but I won’t let myself get too carried away with this. 

Yesterday I had a great ride with my ‘former’ eCycling class.  We met at the bridge and then went on to a windy Paradise/Tiburon Loop.  What a great group of people.  There was a little competition, some attacks up Camino Alto (I got the KOM, don’t worry), and there was plenty of chatting and easy riding.  We topped off the adventure for some Mexican food at Tortilla Heights (great place on Bush and Divis).  

Cycling brings together such a wide range of people, but we have such a sense of community.  Such a sense of belonging.  At that long table at dinner last night, I felt family, I felt friends, and I felt familiarity.  Some of us are serious competitors, some of us are recreational, some of us don’t ride outside, but all of us have a common bond.  As the laughter filled the restaurant and the fun times abounded, I knew that we weren’t counting lentils, we were just counting our blessings. 

Photo by Kent Williams

Photo by Kent Williams

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