Cross-Training in Cowboy Boots

You can’t just ride your bike every single day, or in my case, you can’t just think about riding your bike every day.  We must mix it up, although this can cause slight panic attacks in cyclists.  Believe me, I know.  Must ride bike.  Must ride bike.

Cross training is important.  What does cross training include?  Anything that involves a some exercise that works various parts of the body.  We focus all the time on our legs, possibly our core (in some dedicated cases) for cycling, every once in a while it is a good thing to add a little impact to our routines and other weight bearing exercises.

Cross-training for cyclist usually takes place in the off-season, or non-strenuous times.  Or, you could break your pelvis and be surprised with some early cross-training.  Fortunately, I am back to “just riding”.  Outdoors.  It is incredible how the body heals.

I attended a Lady Gaga concert a couple of weeks ago, and I consider this some heavy cross-training.  Listening to the wise words of my doctor, physical therapist, and friends, I opted to not wear the high heels that I was so desperate to wear.  I went with my Liberty cowboy boots. the best graduation present ever from my parents.  I am sure the lady didn’t mind.  Or notice for that matter.

I considered this evening the ultimate cross-training.  I was assisted by one crutch (which now I don’t have to use at all…).  I was mobile enough for a little bit of enjoyment there, even if the security card did try to take my crutch away from me, claiming I was brandishing it as a weapon.

Paparazzi Crutch as a Prop

Haven’t they seen the music video for Paparazzzi?  I need the crutch.  Not only for my hip, but also as a prop.  Everyone was jealous of the girl with cowboy boots and a crutch.

My Crutch. I need it.

I am so blessed to have incredible friends to support me through this healing time.  They may not let me wear heels to Gaga, but they let me do their makeup, mope around the house, and remind me what is really important in life.  It may not be Lady Gaga, but it is the friends and the support.

Healing Update:  Riding bike outdoors, up to 3 hours!

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