Cycling Team Take-Over

Here at Redlands, Team TIBCO-To the Top Cycling has taken over the Hensler’s beautiful home in the quiet suburban hills of Redlands, California.

Where is Redlands?  Good question.  I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but it is in Southern CA, and the weather has been beautiful with views of the snow capped mountains and a warm high desert breeze.

Back to the take over.

Andrea Hensler may be the best host “mom” ever.  She has opened the doors, garage, pool, kitchen, and everything else in her home to our team.  Not that we aren’t the most PERFECT house guests EVER, but with a family of her own (husband, Steve, 3 daughters, one which is currently attending UofA…and a puppy Rex…) it is asking a lot to add 6 hungry bike racers, a mechanic, a DS, and a souigner to the bunch, not mention the 15 additional bicycles, team trailer, van, car, 30+ sets of wheels… you get the picture right?

She has hosted TIBCO for the last 4 years, and been hosting teams for the Redlands Bicycle Classic for 7 years.  Incredible!  The local newspaper even came and did an article on our “invasion” and the Hensler’s incredible hospitality.. Read it HERE!

Host families often make the bicycle race, and we couldn’t do it without them.

What makes a good host family? Anything!  A big heart, maybe a little extra room, and a love for the sport and meeting new people.  Andrea and her girls were on the TT course yesterday cheering their heads off and ring cowbells for us as we were seeing red up the final hill….and there was nothing better then seeing her in the feed zone for us today!  We are so lucky to have her and her family here in Redlands!

Prologue done.

Stage 1 done.

Crit tomorrow.

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