For some reason I need to add a few disclaimers.

I might have been the only one in the field that was sporting pink nail polish.   I did investigate most of the riders just in case, but this does not include painted toenails… Anyone want to confess that?

I almost tapped a junior on the hip and said, “excuse me, sweetie” Then of course, thank you to social media, I got a response from said junior that he thought that was him I was talking to.  Maybe I did actually say that out loud.  Oops.  Suddenly I feel a little awkward, and a little old.

Although I did get called a “beast” this has since been corrected to an  “animal in like a cute animal that can turn it on and rip your legs off if it needs to. Maybe like a honey badger – or a koala….”.  That is a slightly funny mental image.  Point taken.  All is forgiven.

I can attribute it to my mad bike skills, or the blonde ponytail, but it was a good day out there.  I have been informed that I will never be “one of the boys”, but that is all right.  B elieve me.  I am happy with that.  I am happy right where I am.

Although I did get just a couple of “pushes” here and there, I know they were all legitimate.  And if they weren’t, I was paying attention to those name stickers on bikes…just in case….


Yet, then today was a new day, full of heavy intervals and loads of climbing.  Bring on 8500 feet in Aspen next week!  Colorado, here I come!

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