Disneyland, here I come.

Growing up, I remember my field trips to Disneyland. I would get ready the night before, and lay out my play clothes that I was planning on wearing. I would have my fanny pack filled with the necessities for the day’s adventures. Even though it was just one day spent at Disneyland, it felt like an eternity of bliss. You never knew what you needed. Finally, the morning would come and I would find myself with boundless free time before the long bus ride to Anaheim.

Similarly, last night, I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. I was packed. What I was wearing was neatly folded on top of my Rudy Project duffel bag. Instead of Oshkosh overalls and Converses, it was 2XU compression tights and 2XU casual wear. My lunch was already prepared and sitting in the lunch box (courtesy of Amgen in a past life, and I never thought I would actually have a use for that little insulated carrier) in the refrigerator. Instead of the lunch money for a churro or a corndog, my lunch was salmon with eggplant, some Greek yogurt and fruit and mineral water. My list of last minute “to dos” was awaiting the morning to get accomplished. I didn’t have to worry about feeding the horses, or opening the chicken coop, but I did need to remember to grab my SRM charger and toiletries bag. And there I was this morning, just like I was going to Disneyland. No need for an alarm clock, I woke up with a smile on my face, a little jump in my heart, and I was ready to go. 5am never has been so ideal. It didn’t matter that the team wasn’t picking me up until 9am, I was ready now. What to do, what to do.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this adventure. We drove up to Bend, Oregon today. I even got giddy peering inside the Team TIBCO trailer this morning. To see all our race bikes waiting for us, all the wheels, all the fast things, just reminded me of all the racing ahead of us these next couple of weeks. The fun to be had on carbon wheels and light bikes. The options are endless.

The first day of Cascade Cycling Classic is Tuesday. You better be sure I will keep you posted on the events. Tuesday through Sunday. 6 stages in Bend, including epic climbs, fast crits, individual time trials, three road races, and one grueling circuit race. It may not sound like Disneyland to you, but it sure feels that way to me. You may be missing the amusement park atmosphere, but in the gorgeous scenery of the mountains, the rollers, and the adventure, it doesn’t get much better than this. I am rested and ready to race. Instead of paying to entire a park created sheerly for your entertainment, we paid to enter this race to provide not only the fans and sponsors with a show, but to also race hard and fast, which provides us with plenty of painful entertainment for hours upon hours. Who needs a roller coaster to make your heart skip a beat? Disneyland here I come.

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