Don’t change.

Sometimes you just crave a change.  Whether it is a change of venue, a new haircut, or maybe you mix up your typical breakfast.  Change can be good.  It can be refreshing.  It can be revitalizing.  It can be just what you need.

I don’t usually like change.  I like my hair long.  I like my steak medium rare.  I like my same training routes.  That sounds awful while typing it out.  Call me a creature of habit.

That being said, change isn’t always a bad thing either.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

I love the summer and everything about it.  I love the warmth and the sun ripened produce.  The other morning, I was shocked to smell that intruding fall scent.  Maybe it was the slightly crisper air, or the whiff of a smoldering fireplace.  Perhaps it was the changing leaves, or just that harvest feel.  Where you transition from watermelon to butternut squash.  Yet, I am going to resist this one.  I am going to live in summer as long as I can.  I don’t want the change in season quite yet.

I have one more race.  I want warmth, and I need altitude.

Hello, mountains.  Please give me summer for 12 more days.  Let me grasp on to the last little bits of that summer vibe.  That sense of freedom.  That sense of adventure.  And then, change it will be.  Change is always inevitable.


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