Double Takes and Mother’s Day


I call it SRAM Red.

Double Take.

I got quite a bit of double takes today.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I raced a local race in the men’s field.  What that has to do with Mother’s Day, I couldn’t exactly tell you.  Believe me, racing with the men made me want to call my mom several times. Boys can ride really fast, but that’s what makes it worth it.

How men handle a woman in their field is always very interesting.  Some embrace the entrance of a different gender into their race.  They must get sick of just staring at each other all the time, and I didn’t mind the change of venue either.  Others get a little aggressive, and then there are those that simply do not know how to react and proceed to stumble over a comment or just ignore me and pretend the blonde braid is a normal sighting within their peloton.  All are fair reactions.  There were several double takes. 

Unfortunately, it is hard for me to blend in within the field, but I promised the motor official I would be quiet, not giggle too much, and behave myself.  I just needed the training.  He made sure of it.  It wasn’t until a man floated to the back to take a nature break, and I tried to stifle a laugh and get around him.  His response, “Whoa, what are you doing here? I didn’t know there was a lady here!” He apologized profusely.  At least chivalry is not dead.  Proceed, by all means; don’t let me get in the way.

It is all good training and bike racing is fun.  I always enjoy going along for the ride.  The racing is hard but the wheels are smooth.  The conversation, when there is some, is still entertaining as well.  Who knew those guys were just as concerned with their weight, what they eat, and their leg veins as the next guy.  Oh, and they can go really fast, hence I thought about calling my mom several times to come pick me up.  Ouch. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, I was thinking about you today, and I hope all these guys went home and thanked those that let them come out and race early on a Sunday morning as well!  Never forget to thank your support team! And thank you, guys for letting me join.  I didn’t mind the double takes.  I didn’t mind the training. 

But I still do think I had the best manicure out there.

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