Far from normal.

I had the best weekend ever with my family.  It was a great trip up to the Tetrick Ranch in Millville and quality time with my sister, my grandparents, my parents, and Mike Read.  The original Tetrick clan was reunited.  The weekend included bike rides, Zoomba class (who know my mom could dance way better then me), the best food ever, and other top-secret family traditions (if I told you I would have to kill you).  I love my family. 



There is nothing normal about us, but that is why I love it.  My grandpa may just be the fastest 78 year old a bike in the world.  I am not going to lie, he dropped me last year.  This year, I was happy to be able to hang with him and go on a great ride.  To brag about him for a second, he has over 12 national time trial jerseys.  Nothing about him is normal.  He is about the strongest, dedicated guy a know.  What an inspiration! 

My sister was up from DC and if you should look for her on a bike soon too!  The Tetrick sisters reunited is always a great adventure. 

It was Thanksgiving with the Tetrick’s, although a week late.  The best turkey I have ever had, soaked in a brine overnight, and then cooked in a rotisserie.  Wow.  We are simple, and may need to come with a disclaimer, but it was nice to be with the family.  What other family does KOM challenges pre-Turkey dinner?  What other family goes riding rain, wind, or even snow?  And now, it wouldn’t be the same without MRead joining us too.  Great friends, great family, great time all by a warm wood stove .  I am truly blessed.


Thank you for family, normal or not…

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