As I start racing, I get focused.  Really focused.  Yes, this giggly blonde can get extremely focused.  Don’t let the façade fool you.  I can take a crowded race site and turn it into calm, clear, tunnel vision.  The outside world can become blurred, and my sensations heighten as I feel the present.  It is sheer focus.  It is determination.  Focus.

With all the racing recently, there has been plenty of focusing.  Tulsa was just the beginning.  On to Quebec where I did my first UCI TT and my first UCI podium.  Then to Minnesota where I won my first NRC race and donned my first official yellow jersey.  The adventure continued to the USA Nationals, where I earned my first podium at Nationals.  Yet, that was just the beginning of the journey.  Giro Donne.  Cascade.  What else?

That was 14 races in 23 days.  That was countless hours of focusing and iPod playlists to absorb the wandering mind.  That was mental preparation to aid the previous physical preparation.  Wow, that was a lot of focus.

Focus is a good thing.  I know I am stating the obvious, but I needed the reaffirmation that I am not crazy.  Take your focus into the board room, into your workouts, and into your life, but don’t forget to become present, to enjoy the little things, and take the deep breath of fresh air.

On my trip to the Giro, I anticipate the upcoming focus, look forward to it, but also will cherish the future restoration.  To recharge.  To regenerate.  To refocus.

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