Fool me once…

Riding in Tahoe has been great, although I am trying to figure out this weather thing.  I started the ride, it was beautiful, 75 degrees, and just gorgeous.  I realized that I had forgotten my SRM mount for my road bike, it was still living on my TT bike.  I know, I need another SRM.  As you can see, I used the old improvisation routine…used some hair ties to securely fasten my SRM on my handle bars.  So pro.

I started the ride around the lake, admiring the thunder clouds developing over the Sierras… I was loving life.  Then, I entered Nevada.  I started noticing the cars’ lights.  Was it getting late?  No.  It was just ominous dark clouds, and a flood was quickly approaching.  Drenching rain soaked me to the core.  I couldn’t even see the road.  I barely made it through South Lake Tahoe.  When I had started the ride,  I thought I would bring along a check to deposit.  It was an easy day, I wouldn’t sweat too much…right?  I just put the check in my back pocket.  Stupid.  At 5:01pm, I found myself being washed down into the BofA in SLT.  They let me in, after hours, and even negotiated my disintegrated check.  What nice people.  I must have looked really pathetic.  I continued on my way, and as I entered the CA side of the lake.  The sun started shining.  I always knew I like CA better, but really?  Does our 10% taxes really help contribute to better weather?

I think the majority of cyclists are a good group of people.  We often stop in middle of our training rides to make sure a fellow cyclist doesn’t need our assistance when they are on the side of the road.  We wave and are generally friendly.  When I parked to start my ride yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten a tired lever.  Started a ride into the great expanses of the Tahoe National Forest, I figured it would be in my best interest to have all the tools necessary to fix a flat.  I asked a couple on State Road A23, and they graciously gave me a lever.  Luckily, I didn’t flat.  However, I did get caught in another thundershower.  It may take me a while, but I am beginning to notice a trend here.  Something about these mountains, brings afternoon thunderstorms.  They aren’t kidding around about that.  I found myself getting wet, and my clean shoes getting dirty.  What is that saying?  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me?  You would think I would learn my lesson.

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