Friday Announcements

Do you remember the bulletin at school?  They would give you the weekly announcements… What the cafeteria was serving, and what games there were coming up…what club was looking for members.  I know, you get the point.

This is going to be my bulletin for the day.  Announcements of some upcoming events.  Get ready for some great riding.

On deck.

Gateway Cup.

More racing more racing! I will be heading to St. Louis, Missouri to participate at the Gateway Cup over Labor Day weekend with Team TIBCO.  I am excited for the opportunity to close out my season with those 4 days of racing.  I hope I can get some speed in my legs before I get there.  Stage racing is so much fun, but those 4 crits are going to be brutal!  Mission this week: need for speed.  Can you say, 105rpm?  Thanks, coach.


I will be going Interbike for Ritchey Logic.  I am excited.  Look for me at the Ritchey booth, and I will also be doing the iBikeTweetUp … Which should be fun, as well as racing at the USA Crit Finals there!  As if Vegas isn’t enough, I am settling in for a busy week at my first trip to Interbike… I hear it is exhausting, but it should be a good time to explore what is new in the cycling world. 

Best Buddies Challenge.

A good cause, a good ride, with good sponsors.  I can’t wait to ride from Carmel to Hertz Castle for the Best Buddies Challenge!  One of Team TIBCO’s sponsors, SVB, is a main sponsor for this great ride.  Not only is this ride going to be expertly supported, but will be so much fun to ride with our sponsors for a great reason, Best Buddies, a foundation that helps the intellectually disabled.  I told the guys at SVB that I have been training pretty hard for this, so I am ready to do my share of the work down the coast.  First person there, wins. 

Levi’s King Ridge Gran Fondo Ride

When I was in Italy, we followed the Gran Fondo paint on the roads for directions to a ride.  The pain read, GF, or something like that to show us routes that the Italians use for these events.  A Gran Fondo is a celebrated Italian tradition, and it is a long, mass start ride that although it isn’t a race, people are timed and try to complete efficiently.  Levi is bringing this event to California, and it is started in Santa Rosa.  I am will be doing the Gran Fondo, which is 103 miles… There are other distances as well, and maybe you can come check them out! Levi’s King Ridge Gran Fondo will be a great time to get riding and enjoy good food, company, and perhaps a little friendly competition.   


Oh, how could I forget my final annoucement…

Team TIBCO 2010

You got it.  I have signed with Team TIBCO for the 2010 season, officially!  I am so excited to be a part of this team again, and my position has moved up from “developmental” to know I am officially on the roster as a full-time rider.  I get to be one of the big girls now!  I am looking forward to the opportunity to race with this great group of women in the next season.  Linda Jackson is an inspiring person who is going to take this team to the next level.  I cannot wait to be an integral part of this team and our mission- domination!  We have an exciting year coming up, including racing domestically and internationally.  Time to get ready for a full year next year of racing.  It will either break me, or make me.  Love it.

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