Gila Wrap

I never wrote a follow-up on the Tour of the Gila, and that can be summarized pretty simply.

  1. KStrong is fast. Just plain fast. Ramping up? She is on fire and London bound.  She is so fast it is scary.  She won Stage 1, then proceeded to win Stage 2, 3, and 5.  Good thing she is my teammate.
  2. My stunt double teammate, Tayler, fought her way into the Best Young Rider’s jersey. Big heart, big effort, huge result.  So proud of her.
  3. We won GC, Overall Team, Queen of the Mountains, and Best Young Rider.  That’s a lot of jerseys.
  4. Altitude is still hard to race in, and should be avoided at all cost.
  5. The Tour of the Gila is one of the hardest races in the country.  Remind me of this before I “sign up” next year.

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