Giro Day 1


I never imagined I would be in Solvenia.  I had to research the country because I did not know a great deal about it.  It borders four countries.  Hungary. Italy. Austria. Croatia.   It is home to only 2.06 million people.  One of its borders is the Adriatic Sea and we literally stayed right on the water.  Although upon further inspection, it was not tempting to feel or touch the water. even though the locals appeared to be enjoying the beach on a very hot afternoon.

The stage looked like a barbell.  Two circuits connected by a line.  We traveled from Solvenia to Italia.  The end destination was Trieste, a harbor city on the Adriatic waterfront.

Race finish in Trieste.

It was a bizarre, short race, that was very fast and crazy.  Bikes were flying in the finishing circuit with crashes and carnage.  All of Team USA survived the mayhem, and enter tomorrow, a 130k stage, unscathed.  THE Ina took the win as it was “groupo combatto” into the fnishing circuits through the city, and she is now in the  “maglia rosa”.

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