Giving it Heaps

It is the time of year for goodbyes.  Our season is winding down, and my teammates are going in their separate directions.  It is a time of growth, relocation, and reflection.  Although teammates may change as contracts expire, but the friendships and bonds formed will never fail.  This year I have made great friendships through respect, competition, and vulnerability.  I love these women, and can’t’ wait until we can all see each other again next season, even if we are wearing different colors.  

I recently had to say goodbye to my Kiwi teammate, Rush, as she went back to NZ.  We became great friends during her time in “America” and I was under her NZ tutelage while she was here. When recieving an e-mail from her, I would allow myself 30min to try to translate it before giving in to call her up, and ask what language she was speaking. 

I learned not only the necessity of “partay shoes” on every trip, but I also learned some valuable Kiwi slang.  If you want to go on a ride later in the “arvo” that means afternoon.  “Giving it heaps” means trying really hard, and those Kiwis can race their bikes… When Rush says she likes your “jandals” she doesn’t have a lisp, or a speech impediment, she just likes your flip-flops.  It isn’t rare to crave a “lolly”, or something sweet,  and a “sammie” is also known as a sandwich.  You gotta love it, and be a little jealous that you can’t talk like that.  Something about a blonde Kiwi talking in that adorable accent just makes it irresistible.  I am glad I was able to learn some of these phrases throughout the year, but without that accent, it just isn’t the same.  Rush may be wearing different colors next year, but she will still be a great friend, I mean “mate”. 

Another teammate, Kat,  brought this quote to my attention yesterday, and I really liked it.  

It is lucky that it is not windy today. Strange, how in some way one always has the impression of being fortunate, how some chance happening, perhaps infinitesimal, stops us crossing the threshold of despair and allows us to live. It is raining, but it is not windy. – primo Levi, survival in Auschwitz
I think that is so important for us to keep having the “half-full” mentality from training to working to life.  By “giving it heaps” in everything we do, we may not always succeed, but we gain the piece of mind that we gave it was we had, “heaps”.  I will remind myself of this on those windy days.  At least it isn’t raining.
At the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle--about to go SWIMMING!

At the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle--about to go SWIMMING!


Last race of the season next Thursday at Interbike.  I am ready to give it heaps. 
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