Gravel in my travel.

Gravel in my Travel.

Just like a country song, I have been putting some “gravel in my travel”, and I am ready to tackle the next obstacle, regardless of the road terrain.  A red dirt road, or a big mountain.  Bring it on.

We can prepare for what the course has to offer us, but then we must always expect the unexpected.  How cliche.  No matter how you much you prepare, the plans can still go awry.  And that is when life happens.  It happens between the start line and the finish line.  Win, lose, or draw.  It is just life.

Winning the Chico Stage Race.

Outside the protected bubble of cycling, of work, of family, there is a big world out there.  Regardless if a deal doesn’t go through, you get dropped on a group ride, or it rains on your new white shoes, the earth still revolves around the sun.  But that is the amazing part of it all.  It is the miracle of life.

Thank the Lord.


I started bike racing again.  That in itstelf is incredible.   Yet, it puts it all into perspective.

Gravel.  Travel.  Where to next?  Why the Tour of Gila!