Growing up and Roses

I liked growing up for awhile.  I always looked forward to the next day, the next year, and my next milestone.  At 26 years old, I don’t think I want to grow up any more.  I think this has been a hard enough year as it is.  There has been plenty of “big girl” lessons to be had, and frankly, I don’t want anymore.  I quit growing up.  I don’t think that is an option, but I am putting my foot down on this one.

Movies with my dad. I think we dress alike...

Nothing says growing up like Christmas.  My stocking got exponentially smaller.  It was so small in fact, it could only hold some candy, a key chain (mighty cute I might add), and a yo-yo.  Yes.  My parents got me a yo-yo for Christmas.  Why?  Maybe to prove that I was still as handicapped as ever with that silly toy.  I re-gifted it to the cat.  It is now shredded into pieces, but he was better at the game than I.  However, my wishes were granted with the perfect gift of an amazing vacuum cleaner.  Yes.  I got my vacuum cleaner for Christmas.  I am getting old.  Maybe I don’t mind after all.

My motto for next year will be to surpass all that rhetoric I came up with this year.  To rise above it.  To move forward.  To stop and smell the roses.  Yes.  My dad recently reminded me to do so.  I responded that I didn’t like the smell of roses sometimes.  He told me to learn to.  Yes.  Learn to slow down.  Learn to appreciate.  Learn to breathe.  Learn to quit worrying about the next big thing, be confident in yourself, in your decisions, and in you.  Learn to grow up at times, and learn to cling to your childhood at others.  Smell the roses. Don’t take that for granted.

Sisters Reunited=Love

What was my favorite Christmas gift?  Laughter with my sister? A bike ride with my dad? Tennis with my mom?  Prime rib? Corn bread stuffing? Yes and yes.  It was also the reminder that growing up isn’t all that it is cracked up to be, but it is a fact.  Life is here.  It is precious.  Family is priceless.


Seriously though, who can yo-yo anyway, besides on the back of a crit of course…

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