Gym Bunny

Every once in a while you just start getting comfortable with the status quo.  You start getting into your groove of life, and let yourself get satisfied with the way things are.  It was such a shock to my system to go from the best form of my life to an invalid, or at least someone who was extremely mobile challenged.  The little things I took for granted were suddenly things I craved.  I would give my right arm to be able to walk around outside, or just go for a hike.  Well, at least I would give up my right pelvis if I hadn’t already done so.

Last week I was reconnected to the joy of sweating.  I forgot how much sweating can solve problems.  Maybe I am not solving the problems of the world, but at least I was finding some mental and physical peace to reconnect with the muscles of my body.

There is power in sweating, and when I discovered that I could do the elliptical trainer at the gym and actually produce the warming sensation of sweat from an increased heart rate, I was mesmerized.  And then it happened.  I remembered what it was like to be a member of a gym.  Oh yes.  I haven’t been in a real gym in years, but suddenly I was remembering being a gym rat, or as the Kiwi teammate of mine called it, gym bunny.  I could go from rotations from the elliptical, to the rower, to the recumbent bikes.  I missed being outside but I was able to catch up on some magazines and TV.  I was back sweating, even if I was in the gym.  It was funny how I had to go through my exercise wardrobe and find gym clothes.  What do people where to the gym?  My motto for each new activity is to have the right outfit.  I couldn’t wait to unearth a new gym outfit.  I love new activities!

From the trainer to the gym, I miss being outside.  I don’t love the orchestrated fans and air conditioning indoors, and I would much prefer the cool breeze of the West Marin coastline.  I would even take a torrential head wind over the fan on the elliptical, yet, I am happy.  I am moving, and I am happy.  I am healing, and I will be back.  I will remember this time as a time of going back to the basics, even if it is in the gym.

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