There are going to be a lot of changes coming my way pretty soon.  I guess the only thing that never changes is change. 


I will be headed to Europe to race in a couple of weeks.  That is exciting, yet very frightening at the same time.  Besides a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, I haven’t been out of the country.  My simple domestic life is about to transform into an experienced international cyclist.  I am going to Europe to race for the US National Development Team.  We will be attending races in France and Belgium to give us experience racing against the European peloton in mainly French Cup races.  These are considered the “minor leagues” of Europe, rather then the World Cup races.  The fields will be tougher then any domestic race, but will also offer us a little room for error in our developmental process.  This opportunity will be the first step in my early career to experience an international peloton and learn what it is like to race in Europe.  I am flying out on April 7th and will return on May 12th.  During this time away, I will be racing and training in Limoux, France.  I took four years of French in high school, so I sure hope I am able to recall some of the language.


Today is the first day of Team TIBCO’s team training camp in Carpinteria, California.  It should be a beautiful time to be down in the Santa Barbara area.  I threw together my bag last night.  I didn’t figure I needed much, just a bunch of TIBCO cycling wear, some awesome 2XU casual wear and a swim suit. I am sure the riding will be epic, and the whole experience will be memorable.   


What exactly occurs at a women’s pro team camp?  I don’t know yet, but will let you know shortly!

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