If you like this picture…

Photo by Larry Rosa

 If you like this picture… and you like to know what the date is, this will be my final plug to get your OFFICIAL Team TIBCO calendar! 

You can get it HERE!

We just got our first draft of our schedule for Team TIBCO’s racing in 2010.  The good news is that will be touring the world!  No matter where you are located, you will be able to watch the team in action.  To give you a little taste of that, we will be in New Zealand, to Redlands, to Merced, to Menlo Park, to Sea Otter, to Minnesota, to New Mexico, to Beligium, to France, to Tulsa, to Oregon, to Santa Cruz, to Burlingame, to Italy!  You got it.  I am pretty sure we will be everywhere. 

I love to look at the schedule and think about the exciting times and challenging races in the future!  Will you be there with me?  I hope so.

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