I’ve been everywhere.

I’ve been everywhere, man.  I’ve been everywhere.

When I am tired, I resort to country music apparently.

It was a long 7 weeks on the road.  I think I went everywhere.  Although everywhere may be a stretch, it sure feels like it.  I wouldn’t exchange my travels for the world.  I met so many incredible people, saw the sights, and soaked in a whole lot of bike racing.  Wow, that was a lot of bike racing.  Thank you for being a part of the trip.  Thank you for your support from home, your support on the road, and your thoughts.

Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (Like the thing in France, but in Tulsa)

Gatineau, Canada.  (Where you need a passport to get to)

Deephaven, Minnesota. (Make sure to stop at the stop signs.)

Bend, Orgeon. (Heaven on earth)

Italy. Slovenia. Italy. Switzerland. Italy. (Good thing I brought my passport to go to Canada)

With 2 nights at home, an unexpected tragedy, and I am on the road to Bend again.  I can’t complain to be getting back to Bend for another solid 6 days of racing at the one and only, Cascade Cycling Classic.

I love Bend.

The journey continues.

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