Jobs and Rewards

Sometimes bike racing can feel like a job, and sometimes it can feel like a reward for all of your hard work.  Some days it is a slog, and other days it is silk.  It is the days that it is a job that cause the days that it is a rewards.  You have to fight through the work, through the rest, through the molasses to be able to enjoy those rewards.

Podium at Strawberry Crown Crit

The question is, is it the journey to those effortless days that is the actual reward?  Or is it just those “powder” days that make it worthwhile.  Normally I would say it is all about the journey, but after you have a day where you and your bike just coincide flawlessly, I have to say it is both.  It is the good days.  It is the bad days.  But when you can race your bike and feel like you belong.  Feel like that is what you are built for, that is what you are made to do, it makes it worthwhile.

Bike racing this weekend was fun.  It was hard.  It was fast.  It was effortless.  Sometimes it is just those days that make it count.

Photo by: BrakeThrough Media

I say effortless.  Yet, there isn’t anything effortless about going full gas, full throttle, and digging deep.  But it just felt right.

Thank you for letting me race my bike this weekend.  Two inaugural events.  The Strawberry Crown Criterium, and the Safeway Fast and Furious Pleasanton.  Bike racing is looking good in NorCal.

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