Just when you think you are on top of the world…

Every once in awhile we need to encountered certain experiences to ensure that our feet are still grounded where they are supposed to be.  I seem to have no problem finding such situations, so don’t worry about me getting ahead of myself.  I will stay firmly grounded where I am supposed to be…

My latest humbling experience occurred in Tahoe this week.  Beautiful Tahoe.  Tall mountains, pristine waters, rugged rocks.  All occurring at over 6000 feet of elevation and complimented with very thin air.  I started my ride there, and it took about .5 miles to realize that I was breathing and receiving no satisfaction for my compulsory gasps.  Such spectacular scenery all existing in a limited supply of oxygen.  Ouch.  Either my SRM was reading 25 watts low, or my heart rate was 10 bpm higher.  Never again will I take for granted the deep, enriching inhalations I can take here at sea level. 

Point taken.  Elevation is legal doping, and humbling. 

I went to Tahoe with Endurance PTC to do a ride some tremendous routes, all tremendously supported by Charlie!  It was perfect.

I will be heading back to Tahoe on Saturday to racing the District TT Championships, then hopefully staying up there to race Tour de Nez on the 17-20.  Elevation does have some positives.  That thin air really allows you to sail on the flats without much resistance, so it will be fun to try a time trial at 6400 feet.  Then, it will be great to race the Tour de Nez with 5 of my teammates!  I have the racing bug, and there is only one way to fulfill it.  Bring it on.

Amongst other humbling experiences that do not include getting passed by tourists on rented bike, I have by humbled by many events, riders, and circumstances.  I have a strong team, and they are doing AWESOME out there right now.  What a classy, strong group of women.  Lauren Tamayo, “Diabla” took 3rd in the GC at the Tour de Montreal….Jo just got 2nd to Ina at Philly…and now they are headed to Nature Valley!  Take names, Team TIBCO.  I am proud of my teamies, and very ready to race with them at Tour de Nez!

Just when you think you are on top of the world, you probably are.  And if you are, you are probably not getting enough oxygen and you soon will be deflated and return to the rest of us.

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