Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. Focus.

I tend to get a little focused sometimes.  Call me bullheaded, call me stubborn, call me OCD.  It just happens.  My vision becomes blurred around the edges, and a tunnel of clarity emerges.  Boom.  Laser focus.

As serious as this sounds, this can happen in numerous areas of my day.  Not only is it the obvious, like focused training, precise power, and specified cadence, it is also the not so apparent.

It is the planning for the post-ride meal, which always starts about 7 minutes into the ride.  What will I eat when I get home?  It is the constant creation of “to-do” lists organized in some sort of acronym.  What will I do tomorrow?  It is the obsessing over a lost shirt, or a misplaced key.  It is planning my ETA for each benchmark on my ride.   It is a quote that I heard that I need to ponder further upon to decide if it is in fact profound, or just plain wrong.  It is the introspection that occurs on a long day.  It is the excuses that come into your mind on a hard day.  But through it all, there is focus.  Laser focus.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.  But you can still be focused.  Laser focused.

I have the Pan Am Games on October 16th.  Focus. Drive. A destination for the end of the season.

Now, what am I going to eat, again?


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