Laws of physics.

There is a law in physics that states that everything is tending towards a greater state of disorder.  Well, actually it is the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, and it is entropy… but still.  Same thing.  Now, I am one to believe in science.  It is factual.  It is black and white.  To me, this “law” is obvious, and I won’t question its accuracy, especially as I witness events in my life, the world, and our society.  Of course we are moving towards a greater state of disorder.  Duh.

Not only is my computer failing, right about that 3.5 year mark, my car is breaking down too.  I swear they put some sort of a “failure” chip into some of our purchases just to guarantee we will have to be loyal customers.  I usually have to replace or warranty my iPod every 6 months to a year due to “excessive water damage”.  Do I really sweat that much, and why doesn’t my Ziploc bag protect it from the elements?  Why does my SRM survive two loads in the wash, yet my car’s electricity goes out because of “moisture”.  Disorder.

If that wasn’t enough, the state of my legs are in a constant state of disarray.  Race and recover.  Race and recover.  Race. Race. Race. Recover. Race.  That is the story these days.  You must be broken down to be built back up again, but when will you have a chance to build?  To regenerate?  Sometimes I hope my legs and heart can disobey the laws of physics.  Maybe it will be mind over matter, or maybe I will just become bionic if I am not already.

Science.  Sometimes we have to throw science out the window and just believe.  It is a leap of faith.  I never liked physics that much anyway.

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