Levi’s GF

And by GF, I don’t in fact mean girlfriend, he is married to the beautiful Odessa Gunn, I do mean the Gran Fondo…

Don't tell Levi I am taller...

Where do I start with Levi’s Gran Fondo?  It was riding in the heart of Northern California, a cycling mecca.  I loved it.  I had been doing quite a bit of solitude training, and I welcomed the company, all 7500 of them.

Photo by Neal Rogers, VeloNews

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the company was perfect.  It was another flawless Levi Leipheimer’s King Ridge Gran Fondo organized by Bike Monkey.  Thanks, Carlos and Yuri!

This event shows that cycling is not about bike racing.  It is about bike riding.  Bike riding is doing well in the United States, and let’s keep that passion alive.  It was incredible to see the people of all levels and abilities conquer King Ridge, Coleman Valley, and Occidental.  I was inspired by the energy and the enthusiasm.  Bike riding!?  Yes, Please.

Photo by podiuminsight, Lyne Lamoureux

Oh, and I was the fastest girl of the day.  I am not competitive at all.  I was fueled by the fantastic volunteers, the thought of the good food at the festival post-ride, and the incredible company I had along the way.  Thank you for giving me a breath of fresh air, although it was drizzling at times, it was a break from the solitude, a relief from the routine, warming to the heart, and a memorable day.

I better sign up for my spot next year!  Now, back to the focus, the altitude and the training.  Thanks, Levi for reminding us what is most important about the sport.  The camaraderie, the beauty, and the community.  I love to be involved!

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