Life on the road…and up the road…

Life on the road isn’t so bad.

We are on the road during racing, and try to do everything not on the road after the race.  Today we had the classic Downtown Redlands Criterium.  Another great venue with lined streets, fun, fast course, and a crazy turn of events.  A break went up the road after the half-way mark of the race, and it had 3 TIBCO riders in it!  It turned out to be a great day for the team, as Becca moved up in GC (3rd) and we took 2nd and 3rd in the stage (JoK and BM).  Tomorrow is another full day where there will be sure to be fireworks on the brutal Sunset Circuit Race.  Stay tuned.

New Team Bikes Look 585

The air quality has been pretty good since we have been here, and we have been able to appreciate the views of SoCal.

View from the top of the TT course

In order to climb up to see that view, it is steep, so you should appreciate that I climbed up their at race pace just to take that picture:)  After the crit tonight and riding home, I had to settle for the classic “paper boy” side to side to side weave to make it up this beast!  It should be a fun time tomorrow.

If you win get to ride this...

None other then Meredith Miller’s championship stars and bars bike. ‘Nuff said.

Game on tomorrow.

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