Little People.

I like Oakleys and Yellow.

Sometimes I find myself taking things for granted.  I live in a beautiful place with excellent rides and weather.  Why did I leave for my ride today without checking the weather?  Surely it wouldn’t rain.  That must have been a heavy fog.  A heavy fog that turned to a shower that turned into a coastal squall.  I am not complaining.  Some are riding in snow.  I had a 60 degree rainy day.  Poor me. Nothing a hot shower can’t fix.

Days like this allow me to appreciate what I have been given, the creation around me, and the sun when it appears.  Each day is a gift.  Remember that.

Also remember that if you ever win a stage race where the prize is a rock, be careful.  It is heavy.  Remember to thank those that contributed.  Remember at the end of the day it is just bike racing.  True happiness comes from deep within and your loved ones.

Check the weather.  Don’t be caught outside in a rain storm without a rain jacket or leg warmers.  Not that a professional rider would do that…but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.  Not everything can be fixed with duct tape and chewing gum.

Thank you for the well wishes on my win.  I really appreciate it.  I am excited for the year

Don't forget to thank the little people.

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