Live and Learn

I was asked recently if my team entered ever race expecting to win.  I had to respond with an immediate “yes”.  Of course we enter every race with the ultimate goal, win the bike race.  Does it always work this way? No.  Do we try our hardest? Yes.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the answer is, “it just depends”.  The race could be a one day race, or a tour.  Obviously a one day race, the goal is always to win the bike race.  However, if it is a tour, the goal may be to stay in the general classification striking distance.  Regardless of how you look at it, winning is always a nice perk.  Not that I would know from recent personal accomplishments, but team accomplishments count.

Just like in life, you enter each bike race, or each tour with a list of goals.  You start with your ultimate goal, which can be your “pie in the sky” goal.  This is the goal you are shooting for, even if it is a long shot, and then you have your goals cascading below that one.  Do I like to win? Absolutely.  Who doesn’t?  However, with each challenge, with each race, with each juncture in life, you can take a positive out of the situation and build upon that.  Gain experience, learn.

Live and learn.

This is my second year as a professional.  I feel like I should be out of excuses.  I shouldn’t be searching to gain experience I should be there already.  Why can’t I know it all?  However, cycling is a game of patience.  I may not be the most patient person in the world.  Getting the power and fitness may be the easy part, now it is on to learning the tactical chess game of cycling.  Just like a childhood road trip, I can hear my small voice ask, “are we there yet?”

Continue to live and learn, and maybe win a bike race or two.

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