Marky Mark

Marky Mark, The Horned Toad

I met this horned toad, Marky Mark, after Stage 1 of the Tour of the Gila.  Although he didn’t want to eat any of my oatmeal, or Clif Shot Roks, he did want to hang out for awhile after the finish of the stage.  I loved him, and wish I could have taken him with me.  The first time I met a horned toad was at Science Camp in the 4th grade.  I knew exactly what he was, and I wanted to keep him.

Contrary to the name, a horned toad, or a horny toad, is not a toad or a frog at all, they are actually lizards.  They have spikes on their body that can be puffed up when feeling threatened to make them appear more difficult to swallow.  Another cool feature is that they can squirt a blood looking like substance out of their eyelid that tastes foul to canine or feline predators.  Marky Mark never felt threatened with me, he just was a long for the ride.  Aren’t we all?

Rebecca warming up for the crit.

Sometimes the only warm up you need to do for a crit in a stage race is to rest more.  That was a hard crit!

Travelling in style...

Oh yes.  On my way to the Gila.  Good business trippin’ attire.

I hope Marky Mark is doing well in the high deserts of the Gila National Forest.

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