Massage Works.

Massage works.

Being a professional athlete, I have always been encouraged to get massages and bodywork in order to keep my muscles and joints in optimal condition.  However, I know this can be a pricey “splurge” for some, especially those trying to survive on a cycling salary.  Yet, I do try to budget for massage every now and then (kind of like a pedicure but oh so much more important).  If my body isn’t working properly, then I am not the most efficient cyclist I can be, and where is the good in that? It is my job, after all.

That being said, it isn’t like I am getting weekly massages when I am home, but this is merely for the principle of the matter.

When we travel on the road, we do have a soigneur who will also give us daily massages after races and training.  I have noticed the incredible benefits of “flushing” my legs out after they have been under heaving training  and racing assaults.  These massages aren’t deep tissue, but merely tryin to increase the blood flow and oxidation to promote recovery for the next day.

Although science can’t always prove the phenomonans of life, we just know it works sometimes.  Massage works.  This recent study was brought to my attention by AthletiCamps, and being a science nerd myself, I found it interesting.  I have felt the benefit of massage, but now they have figured out the mechanisms that can be initiated by massage that limits the inflammatory causing cytokines.

Read a NYT article on it HERE.

We all know massage works.  In case you wanted a further explanation, or are skeptical, give it a try.  Massage works.  Yet it may be another month or so before I get one.



On a side note, our massage therapist, Mike Ivarone, lives in Santa Rosa and is a bodywork and acupuncture master.  If you ever want to give him a try, let me know!


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