Money in the bank.

So many races.  A long year.

Bike racing is unique in the fact that we have so many racing opportunities in our season.  It is a long season.  February to September.  People will wonder how we stay “on” all season long.  Yet with the many months of racing, comes many chances to improve fitness, skill, and power, all while racing.  You can’t treat every race as an A race, or even as a B race.  You look at racing as another opportunity to learn something, to gain fitness, and to put that money in the bank.

It is all money in the bank.

This weekend, I raced with the Pro1/2 men.  Ouch.  These guys are fast.  No kidding, right?  Why did I succumb myself to their brutal pace, large fields, and longer races?  Money in the bank.  It was a challenge, and it was hard.  I got to race my bike with some strong guys (to say the least), and stay eternally humbled by their huge power and speeds.  I have no preconceived notions that I was going to be winning the bike race, I was just trying to hang on for dear life to the roaring Bissell train.  Thank you gentlemen for allowing me to race with you (along with the other 4 women who joined!), and for those extra “pushes” to stay in the much needed draft.  I appreciate you guys letting me experience just another training weekend for you!

I did get to race my TT bike.  You can’t help but race that Look596.  She just begs to be ridden fast, and set records.  Sorry boys.  I only ended up 33rd in the Pro men’s category on the TT… but set a new course record for the women.  Must have been the bike and those HED wheels.

Redlands next week.

Money in the bank.

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