New Year’s Resolution.

Who really needs a New Year’s Resolution?

I have never had success with those things.  I can will myself to do most anything, but when it comes to a  New Year’s Resolution…I have always failed.  Is it the pressure?

I had the same NY Resolution for 10 years.  Quit chewing my nails.  Nothing ever happened.  I could never stop chomping, picking, and destroying them when a glimmer of nerves hit.  No matter how much I willed myself to quit, I would crack when stress came.  Getting in trouble.  An exam.  A tennis match.  A triathlon.  A bicycle race.  Wearing a yellow jersey in a bicycle race.  It was nerves.  It was habit.  It was awful.  I tried everything.  Manicures, Tabasco…both of which now I adore…Nothing worked.

Then, I broke my pelvis and hit my head.  Really hard.  And BAM.  I don’t chew my nails anymore?  This may be a coincidence.  It may be due to the increased volume of calcium and Vitamin D I have been intaking, but I think good things can come out of every situation.  We can plan and goal set all we want, but at the end of the day, it sometimes just takes a little hit on the head to rearrange things.  To make you think about something differently.  To broaden your horizon.  To make your nails suddenly look unappetizing.  To realize your potential.

I sure hope no one has to suffer with such an extreme head knocking as I did, but I also hope we don’t get caught on making our purpose about a resolution.  Take small steps.  Look for the positive outcomes out of bad situations.  Stop chewing your nails.  Will I still pick at them?  Absolutely.  But just give me some time, or another year.

I hope 2011 brings many laughs, blessings, and love.  I don’t need a New Year’s Resolution for that.  I need a new year.  Thank the Lord we are all still here, entering another year, 2011.

Now…what color for that next manicure….

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