Here in Arkansas, I was greeted with warmth, a little humidity and SUN.  So long Silver City, with all of your snow, wind, and cold.  Looking to Joe Martin Stage Race to get back to sea level (well, at least 1500 feet), and OXYGEN.  Although we aren’t in the desert anymore, the local wildlife includes quite a bit of armadillos waddling around.  What funny “critters”.  Arkansas, home of the Walmart and catfish buffets.

I recently wrote a blog for the Nature Valley Grand Prix.  You can check it out HERE.

Joe Martin starts today with a 4k uphill TT.  I am looking forward to it!


  • Oxygen
  • Host house has a trampoline AND swings (along with two adorable girls)
  • Sun
  • Humidity (instant dehydration isn’t as much as factor anymore, but increase of sweat…hmm..)
  • Time for manis/pedis with the team
  • Armadillos
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