Once a cyclist…

The trails of Marin welcomed me back tonight.  I love those trails, and it was great to be able to go “trot” around on Tam.  The sun was still warm, and the carpeted redwood floor smelled of pine and moisture.  It was a great transition to get off the beaten path and back onto the trails.  No, I wasn’t mountain biking.  I was trail running.  So far, I don’t do dirt, but I am looking forward to giving it a shot one of these days. 

It was a perfect time to be out there.  That is the Matt Davis Trail, one of my favorites.

I met up with Bob Cullinan, from CycleTo and we took some cool shots up in the Marin Headlands… And just because I think he is so awesome, I have to show a sample… This is unedited, and just one of many… but it was a beautiful day out there today.

With a day like that, I should have been on my bike, instead of taking photos off of the bike… Gr.

I was running along the bike path with nothing but the dog and an iPod, and I noticed a cyclist on the side fixing his flat.  I stopped alongside the path and asked him the age-old cycling question, saved for those particular times…

“You have everything you need?” I asked

He looked at the dog, the leash, the running shoes…and then revealed a puzzled expression.

“Yes, Thank you….” He mumbled with a confused tone..

I verified he was all right, and then trotted off.  It took me a second to realize what had just occured.  Really, Alison?  What would have done for this cyclist?  He had no idea, but I just had to chuckle to myself… Once a cyclist, always a cyclist… running shoes or not.  I wanted to go back and explain myself…that it was just a habitual question… and that I rode bikes too… but I didn’t.  I left a puzzled man on the side of the bike path, deftly fixing his flat tire, shaking his head at the nosy runner.  Once a cyclist…always a cyclist… even in the off-season.

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