Our Real World. Team Camp.

Real World.

13 girls. 1 house. Palm Springs. Bicycles.

Photo of photo captured by VeloImages

Although the schedule has been quite regimented at team camp, there still has been time for plenty of laughter and learning.  We have been visited by some of our major sponsors here to increase our product knowledge as well as give feedback of the products in development. Even though I normally take a lot of photographic evidence of my rides and events, I have realized that that is not necessary due to the fact of the constant stream of photographers and videos around camp.  Is this the Real World?  No, it’s our life.  Yet you are welcome to share the experience with us!

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Thanks to Dillon Clapp from Road Mag for the picture of the Felt visit

Felt spent two days with us and were able to capture some great images of the team, as well as give us all the top secret details on more fast frames in the pipeline!  I have ridden a Felt bicycle for 2 years and I will continue to say that I love my bike.  Not only is she sexy, but she is stiff and bulletproof.  My F1 and I are meant to be together forever.

Me and My F1 picture taken by VeloImages for Felt.

The guys from Pearl Izumi also visited to measure us for our custom speedsuits (also known as really really fast superhero costumes), and discuss our feedback and product.  They are constantly innovating and designing not only for pure speed but also plush comfort.

We love Pearl Izumi. We love Exergy.

Team knowledge not only comes from living with 13 girls in one house for 10 days, throttling each other up an 8 mile climb, leading out two of the best sprinters in the country against one another, but also just from letting go and laughing.  Laughing at our crazy lives.  Laughing at our cracking points.  Laughing at jumping in a pool in a little black dress or your chamois.  Laughing at a victory salute dance off.  Laughing at the kitchen disaster.  Laughing at each other. Taking a good look around the crowded house and feeling blessed to be surrounded by each other.  Common goals, big dreams, and no shortage of smiles.

It may be a little like Real World in here, but it is our world, and it is real.


Welcome to Team Camp.  Welcome to our Real World.


Thank you to our sponsors for providing this opportunity.

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