I think I have the tendency to go a little overboard sometimes.  Sometimes?  Maybe. 

A few examples.

If you had seen my A+ Bug Collection in the 7th grade, you may agree.  My parents just had the opportunity to finally get ride of the thing, but it was keeper, let me tell you.  I had cut the glass to lay over the box I had made, and ever bug was displayed flawlessly.  There may be a reason that my parents have the nickname for me “Bugs”.

Then I moved on to the Science Fair in 8th grade.  Make rock candy?  Nah.  Acid rain display?  Nope.  I decided to do a Genome Project on mice.  350 mice later, I had discovered thier punnentt square on recessive and dominate coloring, and won the science fair. 

The science trend continued through high school and on to college.  It was Biochemistry, throwing in NCAA tennis, with Molecular Biology, Nutrition, and sorority.  Why not? 

I started playing tennis my freshman year of high school, and decided I wanted to take it to NCAA.  I took up running, and started racing.  I took up cycling, and started triathlon.  My first triathlon was a half-ironman.  I started bike racing.  In 3 months, I was a pro.  In 6 months, I was at the Olympic Training Center, and in under a year, I was in Europe for the US. Where will I be this time next year?  I hope Worlds. 

Crazy.  Impulsive? Nah. Overboard?  Maybe.  Driven?  Absolutely.

I take a goal and I run with it.  What may seem like an insane idea, spirals into a target, into a focus, and into a lifestyle.  I recently bought my first pair of MTB shoes.  Do I have a MTB bike or cross bike?  Nope.  But, I have officially taken the first step towards the dirt.  Will I go overboard with this one?  Probably not.  But maybe.

Even though I have ended up in this place because of cascades of reactions and catalysts throwing me into this incredible opportunity and career, I believe I have found where I belong.  I am no longer going above and beyond.  I am right where I am supposed to be.  I am Alison Starnes, a professional cyclist, and I am going to pursue this.

Going overboard?  Nah.  The science projects were overboard.  Cycling.  Nope.

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