P= FxV

Power= Force x Velocity

Let me geek out momentarily. 

In cycling, the physics equation, P=FxV, should be taken in consideration. I did take two semesters of physics in college, yet when I am pedalling my bicycle, for some reason this simple equation seems to slip my mind.  Why should we consider this?  We all know we want to put out power, but what is the best way to do it?  The force, is the obvious way.  It is the raw torque that you put on the pedals.  Now, the velocity, is not the velocity of the bike, but it is in fact the velocity of your foot putting torque on the pedals.  ie: Cadence. 

Hm.  If I increase my force on the pedals, I could put out more power.  But, I could also put out more power by increasing my foot velocity without having to necessarily deliver more torque to the pedals.  Very interesting.

Enough of that.  It was just a thought.  A random one at that to remind you that science is everywhere.  Yes, I am a nerd.

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